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AREA Ratings for Labyrinth: The Global War on Terror 2001 - ?

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This game is rated as a winner take all multiplayer game.

It is possible for the game itself to win.

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Last updated 2016-04-16.


Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated gamesUndefined1
Standard Deviation for any rated games17835
Mean for any rated games500035

Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
W3769Burdett, Jeff5000220102015-08-09
16603.01Caler, Steven5100110102015-08-09
25064.40Coleman, Terry Lee4949110002013-02-09
CC002Copeland, Carl4900110102015-08-09
SdB01de Brestian, Scott4900110102015-08-09
07422.30Dolan Jr, Daniel4900110102015-08-09
JD022DuBose, James4908110102015-08-09
DE001Edelstein, David5004220102015-08-09
45251.01Finkeldey, Jeffrey4984550002013-02-09
W3916Fryer, Larry5082440002013-02-09
00210.98Gaberson, Paul5000330002013-02-09
EVH01Harris, Evan5324880102015-08-09
20904.02Harris, Kirk E4996330002013-02-09
DH006Hoffman, Daniel5100330102015-08-09
JJ009Jung, Jack4896110102015-08-09
W5588Kiefte, David5497550102015-08-09
MK001Kiefte, Michael4900110102015-08-09
AL012Latto, Andrew5130550102015-08-09
01991.95Lee, Roderick5040220002013-02-09
W4721Lewis, Kevin4900110102015-08-09
A1671MacInnis, Randall W5047220002013-02-09
01303Miller, Jeffrey D5100110002012-06-28
W5196Neary, Patrick4995220102015-08-09
GO001Ottoman, Greg5280770102015-08-09
W4583Panagotopulos, John4900110102015-08-09
W5606Potts, John4902220002013-02-09
67213.01Schmittgens, Gregory4900110102015-08-09
TRS01Schoenen, Trevor R5010220102015-08-09
17815.01Selders, John S4950110002012-06-28
GameSolitaire, The Board432216140102015-05-03
MS026Sosa, Michael5097110002013-02-09
AT006Taylor, Alex5006220102015-08-09
22091.40Taylor, Roger E4948110002013-02-09
W3483Yaure, Christopher4926330102015-08-09
W3484Yaure, Philip5107330102015-08-09

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