Last updated on September 14, 2019.

This web server is managed by Bruno Wolff III.

The system is an old Xeon running Fedora 29 with key services replaced by ones written by Dan Bernstein. Postgres is used for database backed web pages.

My network connection (business class cable) is provided by GTT. (I originally had service through Reallinx, but they got bought by GTT.) Their support is now awful. It would be bad for consumer support, but is ridiculously bad for business class service. If I wanted bad support, I could have just gone with Spectrum. I now have 100Mbs x 10Mbs service.

Currently the following web areas exist:

I also run two mailing lists:


I'm going to replace the hardware with a Blackbird system. I want one for both reliability and freedom. I have the motherboard, 8 core cpu and heat sink. I've ordered the rest of the machine and hopefully will have it replaced soon.

This page is maintained by Bruno Wolff III on wolff.to.

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