Last updated on September 21, 2017.

This web server is managed by Bruno Wolff III.

The system is an old Xeon running Fedora 28 with key services replaced by ones written by Dan Bernstein. Postgres is used for database backed web pages.

My network connection (business class cable) is provided by Reallinx. Unfortunately Reallinx got bought by GTT and GTT doesn't seem to be well run. For example contacting their billing department to resolve problems is near impossible. They don't answer their phone and will not call you back if you leave a message. Their general support people will not handle billing issues and redirect you to their billing department who are not contactible.

Currently the following web areas exist:

I also run two mailing lists:


This page is maintained by Bruno Wolff III on wolff.to.

A secure version of this page is located at: https://wolff.to/