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AREA Ratings for W3769: Jeff Burdett

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TitleRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive dateLast updated
Bitter Woods (Avalon Hill)4978111002010-07-302015-12-09
Breakout: Normandy (1992)4802332102012-02-282016-08-19
Combat Commander series (2006-2015)4714550202012-08-052016-07-06
For the People (1998)4822220202011-08-072016-08-21
Gettysburg (125th Anniversary edition) (1988)4930110102009-08-092016-07-06
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series (1992-2013)5000222012010-10-052016-07-06
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage (1996)4817220202009-08-092016-08-22
Here I Stand (2006)535713470602012-08-052016-08-30
Labyrinth: The Global War on Terror 2001 - ?5000220102015-08-092016-04-16
Manifest Destiny (2005)4985140102008-08-102016-06-08
Paths of Glory (1999)4648754212010-08-082016-07-06
Virgin Queen (2012)4980150102013-08-042016-06-08
War Of The Ring (FFG)5048220202011-08-072015-09-19

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