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AREA Ratings for Panzer Leader (1974)

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This game is rated as a two player game.

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Last updated 2016-08-22.

Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated games41615
Standard Deviation for any rated games32438
Mean for any rated games505538

Active Player List

AREA IDNameRankRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
PB011Bertram, Peter1569530430012016-05-21
00711Leonard, Charles A2537725517312015-06-28
01551Dohrman, Art35190848002015-06-28
01339Sander, James C45157323002016-05-21
A1789Kershner, Lewis T54857212002014-12-28

Inactive Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
SAARG.60DeNucci, Eduardo Jorge5939261217112006-10-09
01930.60Murray-Brown, Mark578515100202007-02-25
GT007Tanner, Gregory5490616012006-07-04
A1689Musella, Martin L54811350302006-08-06
MM017Moore, Mark547819419012006-09-06
43130.61Bucey, Steven531521421012006-09-08
WBT01Thomson, Bill5225632012013-03-29
22949.01Scott, William512243210402007-02-25
A1681Zimmerman, David M5100111002013-06-18
SharpSharp Jr, John T49711151302013-03-29
A1671MacInnis, Randall W4960616012006-06-22
01545Cooper, Thomas E492142842012006-05-24
CY003Young, Chuck4901110002006-09-05
SMA01McAninch, Scott A4900111002013-06-18
RN002Northey, Rick4846410102008-08-10
01382Massey, Lee B4819111002007-07-02
19445Traylor, Mark A481718518012006-07-04
O4140Jamelli, Robert L B4794727012006-05-29
RC011Cirimele, Raymond4700717012006-10-09
PR007Richer, Pierre4662818012006-07-04
DC013Cash, Dale453012312012006-05-24

Other Interested Player List

There are no other interested players for this game.

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