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AREA Ratings for Empire of the Sun

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This game is rated as a two player game.

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Last updated 2013-05-16.


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Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated gamesUndefined0
Standard Deviation for any rated games17023
Mean for any rated games501323

Active Player List

AREA IDNameRankRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
01994.19Meyers, Jay15507646012011-02-10
78741.60Pei, James25274868012011-02-10

Inactive Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
00470Thornsen, Thomas C5287666012009-08-31
17042.40Culhane, Dennis5200222012008-06-18
AB032Bodkin, Andy5100333012008-10-10
AL008Ludwig, Andreas5100110002008-03-09
KB004Burd, Ken5080444012009-01-01
BH004Heinzmann, Bob5019555012009-03-10
00210.98Gaberson, Paul5000222012008-06-18
ML011Lenczewski, Mikolaj5000222012008-06-18
21015.01Maly, Andrew R5000222012008-06-18
MP016Przemyslaw, Mantay5000222012008-06-18
12564.01Nicholson, Dennis D4905333012008-10-10
24503.30Brophy, Michael4900111012007-10-15
21045.02Buck, Stanley4900111012007-10-15
20W90Byrd, Chris4900111012007-10-15
28542.03Chappell, Donald P4900111012007-10-15
84106.02Daw, Anthony G4900111012007-10-15
DK003Koch, Denny4900110002008-03-09
91360.02Leggat III, John W4900111012007-10-15
30319.40MacInnis, Randall4900111012007-10-15
MO001Dauphinais, Jim4810222012008-06-18
IMM11Mandelberg, Michael4810222012008-06-18

Other Interested Player List

O4140Jamelli, Robert L B2014-02-09

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