1997 Titan National Tournament Results

Last updated on March 1, 1999.

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The commentary below was provided by Keith Levy.

Two-player Tournament

Twenty entrants. Four Rounds. Final game between Rick Cripe from Brooklyn, N.Y. and David Finberg from Cambrige, Mass. Both players were first timers at the TNT tournament. David Finberg won the final game and was awarded the plaque for the two player tournament.

Multi-player Tournament

Twenty three entrants. Number of games being played varing from one to eight per player. Total number of games prior to the semi-finals were forty-three. The final on Sunday was a five player game. Three players with a bye in the final were David Finberg, Dave Scott from Portland, Oregon, and Adam Wersan from Brooklyn, N.Y..

Two players who advanced from the semi-finals were Art Wines from Warren, N.J. and Steve Koleszar from Charlottesville, VA. The sixth player who advanced from the semi-finals was Julie Ehlers from Westorange, N.J. was not able to stay to participate in the final game on Sunday.

The winner of the multi-player tournament was David Finberg from Cambridge, MA. So a new entrant to TNT was the winner of both tournaments.

Titan National Tournament 1997- Summary

GAME # - Players listed in finishing order. (M)=Mutual Eliminination.
 1.      D. Scott,  J. Jacoby,  J. Nestor,  K. Levy,  A .Wines,  D. Strock.
 2.      K. Kline,  B. Scott,  J. Ehlers-D. Stock (M).
 3.      J. Jaskiewicz,  F. Arndt.
 4.      B. Sutton,  K. Levy.
 5.      D. Scott,  J. Nestor.
 6.      A..Wersan,  R. Barbehenn.
 7.      D. Scott,  B. Sutton.
 8.      J. Jacoby, M. Pustinik-R. Cripe (M), J. Nestor, R. Ryan, K. Levy.
 9.      E. Rothenheber, D. Strock.
10.      A Wines, J. Ehlers.
11.      A. Wersan, A. Wines.
12.      B. Sutton, K. Kline, J. Ehlers, R. Barbehenn, D. Scott.
13.      D. Scott, A Wersan.
14.      R. Barbehenn, S. Koleszar-A. Wines (M), D. Finberg, A. Fuegi.
15.      D. Scott-A. Wersan (M), R. Ryan, E, Rothenheber.
16.      R. Cripe, M. Pustilnik.
17.      R. Barbehenn, A. Wines-S. Koleszar (M), J. Nestor.
18.      J. Nestor, B. Scott, J. Jacoby, K. Levy, S. Koleszar.
19.      A. Fuegi, S. Koleszar.
20.      D. Finberg, B. Scott.
21.      B. Sutton, M. Pustinik, J. Ehlers, A. Wines, D. Scott, A. Wersan.
22.      K. Kline, R. Ryan.
23.      D. Scott, D. Stock-S. Koleszar(M), A Fuegi, R. Barbehenn, A. Wines.
24.      R Cripe, J. Jaskiewicz.
25.      R Barbehenn, J. Jaskiewicz, R. Cripe, E. Rothenheber.
26.      A. Fuegi, K. Kline.
27.      A. Wersan, R. Ryan., J. Spaner,  K. Levy, F. Arndt.
28.      D. Finberg, E. Rothenheber.
29.      R. Cripe, D. Scott.
30.      D. Finberg,  A. Wines, S. Kolezsar, E. Rothenheber, D. Strock.
31.      D. Strock, M. Pustilnik, R. Barbehenn, A. Fuegi, J. Nester.
32.      J. Nestor-K. Kline(M), J. Ehlers, E. Rothenheber, T. Rothenhoefer.
33.      F. Arndt, R. Cripe, B. Sutton-T. Rothenhoefer(M), D. Scott, K. Levy.
34.      A Wersan, R. Ryan, D. Strock, M. Pustinik, A. Wines, R. Barbehenn.
35.      R. Barbehenn, S. Kolezar, R. Ryan, D. Scott.
36.      D. Finberg,  A. Fuegi.
37.      J. Jacoby, K. Kline, K. Levy, J. Ehlers.
38.      D. Strock, J. Jaskiewicz, A. Wines, E. Rothenheber.
39.      A. Fuegi, R. Ryan, D. Scott, A Wersan.
Two Player Final:
40.      D. Finberg, R Cripe.
41.      B. Sutton, M. Pustilnik, S. Koleszar, R. Barbehenn.
42.      D. Finberg, R Cripe,  S. Koleszar,  A. Wersan-E. Rothenheber(M).
43.      D. Scott-A. Fuegi(M), R. Ryan, J. Ehlers.
Multi-player Semi-finals:
44.      S. Koleszar, J. Nestor, J. Jacoby, R. Cripe.
45.      J. Ehlers, B. Sutton, K. Kline,  D. Strock.
46.      A. Wines, A. Fuegi, M. Pustilnik, R. Barbehenn.

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