TNT '06 Results

Last updated on September 2, 2006.

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Qualifying games (* = winner):

1. *Ed Rothenheber, David Ripton, Brian Sutton, Don Poletti
2. *Kevin Hillock, Keith Levy, Matthew Sands, Karl Musser
3. *Kevin Hillock, David Ripton, Pete Gathmann
4. *David desJardins, Pete Gathmann, Ed Rothenheber
5. *Kevin Hillock, Ed Rothenheber, Brian Sutton
6. *David desJardins, Pete Gathman, David Ripton
7. *Brian Sutton, Kevin Hillock, Clifton Willis, Ed Rothenheber
8. *Brian Sutton, Jeff Ukens, Keith Wiley
9. *Ed Rothenheber, Pete Gathmann, David Ripton
10. *Kevin Hillock, David Ripton, James Reist, Rob Patchek, Elijah Murray
11. *Keith Wiley, Jeff Ukens, Brian Sutton, James Reist
12. *David desJardins, Matthew Sands, Jeff Ukens, James Reist
13. *Ed Rothenheber, Brian Sutton, Keith Wiley, Pete Gathmann
14. *Brian Sutton, Matthew Sands, Jeff Ukens, Keith Wiley
15. *Kevin Hillock, Ed Rothenheber, Rob Patchek, James Reist
16. *David desJardins, Ed Rothenheber, Kevin Hillock

Final game:

*David desJardins, Brian Sutton, Ed Rothenheber, Kevin Hillock

David desJardins' notes on the final game

Everyone got off to a decent start, with me having slightly the worst of it. No one had a strong titan: I had two behemoths with his titan, Kevin had one, Ed had one, and Brian just had rangers and cyclopses. But Brian had a stack with two serpents, and Kevin and Ed both had giant/unicorn legions. I had nothing much better than rangers.

My titan legion (6 high with 2 behemoths) was trapped between Brian's serpent legion and Kevin's giant legion. I rolled a 6, and had three unpleasant choices: stay put and be killed on 4+ by the serpent legion; move up and be killed on 3+ by the giant legion; or attack Brian's titan legion (7 high with 4 rangers and 2 cyclopses) in the marsh. Perhaps I should have attacked, but I stayed put. Brian rolled a 2, and moved closer. Kevin rolled a 6, which was unfortunate for his own titan legion. He was hoping to go up into the inner ring to get away from my rangers chasing him, but on a 6 he couldn't do so without attacking Ed's giant legion. So he ran to the desert.

On my turn, I rolled a 6, the only number to reach Kevin's titan legion in the desert, with my 7 rangers. After calling an angel this was a very easy win, putting me up to about 350 points. And I could escape from my position, since Kevin's giant legion disappeared.

On the following turn, Ed rolled a 2 and recruited a second behemoth into his titan legion. I rolled a 6 and decided to attack him in the jungle. This was a battle of nearly equal stacks: my Ttn(9) Beh Beh Gor Gor Cyc against his Ttn(7) Beh Beh Gor Gor Ran. My extra titan points do give me the edge here, I think, and Ed chose to defend aggressively rather than passively. When this didn't work out, I won the battle with a behemoth remaining, recruited another behemoth, leaving me with something like Ttn(12) Ang Ang Beh Beh Gor.

Remember that Brian's titan only had rangers and cyclopses. So his only chance was to get VERY lucky on recruiting, and build up to serpents before I could roll a 6, or else to catch my titan with his serpent legion. He did manage to kill all of my other stacks, but eventually I rolled a 6 and teleported onto his titan. (He had split his titan legion a couple of times, and could have tried a deceptive titan split, but chose not to, so I caught him on my first try.)

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