Titan Automoderator Project

Last updated on September 27, 2000.

For more information on Titan see my Titan Home Page.

My work on an automoderator is going very slowly. However I think that I will have some time to get a prototype working over the next several months. The rules clarifications are very stable now. The clarifications include a lot of specifications on how multiplayer play with significant delays is supposed to be played. I have a good idea on how things should work. Initially authentication will get a bit short changed. It will be password based intead of using digital signatures. There probably won't be much in the way of autodetection of denial of service attacks either. I will deal with this on a case by case basis. Initially failure recovery will probably need to be done by hand as well.

A seperate dispatcher program will be developed down the road. I have a lot of ideas about how games should be arranged from the waiting list based on player specifications, reliability and skill level. However for the near future games will be organized by hand. However once I don't need to ask for moderator volunteers I will be able to get games started on a much more timely basis.

Once the dispatcher is available I will try harder to let people know about the service. I will be able to handle considerably more players then I can right now. I will still be limited by my workstation as I need it too not be so busy that I can't use it for work. Excessive network traffic could also get to be a problem, but more likely my workstation would be swamped before that would happen.

As long as this is being done on a hobby basis (and I don't expect it to move beyond that) this will be a free service.

This page will be updated once the prototype moderator is close to being ready for some playtest games.

I now have a server for doing die rolling for play by email Titan.

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