Magic Realm mailing list information

The Magic Realm mailing list has been set up for discussion and announcements relating to the board game Magic Realm.

The list address is To subscribe send a message to

You can subscribe to a digest version of the list by sending email to While the list isn't high volume, there are short bursts of messages and some people would prefer to get them in a single chunk. If there are any pending messages, a digest message will be sent out in the early morning (USA Central Time). If there may be more than one digest sent out in a single day, but this should happen very rarely. Many days there will be no digest.

To get more details about the list via email, send a message to

The list help files are available via the web. Of special interest are the info file, which describes the list policies, and the help file, which describes how to use the list server.

If you aren't sure about whether or not to post something to the list (test posts will get your posting restricted), please run it by the list owner who can be reached at

The Magic Realm FAQ may also be of interest to you.

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