Anti-Spam Email Information

Last updated on December 15, 2003.

While I want to be able to receive email from people previously unknown to me, regarding my web pages, work, and newsgroup postings; I don't want to receive unsolicited bulk email. I also want to block my web pages from annoying bots.

I currently block stuff at based on the following:

My mail at UWM gets extra scrutiny, since I can't control who gets to send stuff to their hosts and they do some internal spamming, I use mail filters to drop messages based on a number of idiosyncratic rules.

There is also a domain block list for poorly run run mail servers, RFC-Ignorant. Their system doesn't integrate well with stock qmail and they don't provide data other than by DNS lookup, so I am not currently using them. However, when I find places that reject bounce messages and the like, I add their domains to my badmailfrom list.

I have also written a program that generates web pages with bogus email addresses. I have mapped a whole class of addresses (robot.*.html) to this program using my .htacces file. This is depreciated in favor of the system mentioned above.

To find out more about netiquette you can read rfc 1855 and rfc 2635 .

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